Day 9 – 01.08.2017 – 601.9km to go

Azofra-Santo Domingo de la Calzada-Granon-Redecilla del Camino

Nice easy pack-up due to the relative privacy of the 2-bed "rooms" here at the public refuge and so on target for an early start. A straightforward walk to the first town of Ciruena (ca. 10km) in search of breakfast. Found a nice little bar just off The Way for the usual dose of coffee, juice and toast.

Freshly fuelled up I'm now on the road again and heading for the town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Arriving at the centre of town it is almost compulsorary to visit the cathedral – after all, where else are you going to visit a church with its own resident chickens and a rooster inside?

The chickens represent the legend of Santo Domingo de la Calzada where the judge declares "the boy is as alive as these two cooked chickens on my plate". Of all the legends and myths I've experienced thus far on The Way, this is the most bonkers of them all.

Following a snack and a drink, I'm again on my way to Granon. On reaching the top of the steps into town I pause to re-fill my water bottle and chat with some fellow travellers. As tempting as the rest in the shade is, I decide that it is time to move on and trek down the hill and onto my final destination for the day.

A relatively short walk onto Redecilla del Camino where I shun the municiple refuge in favour of a small private one run by Juan. A swift shower and rest followed by a lovely meal cooked by Juan (Vegatable soup, macaroni with chorizo, home made bread, rice pudding, water and wine). Somewhat limited table conversation though as my four fellow travellers all spoke French.

Quick call to my boys and I'm off to sleep.

36169 steps
18.5 miles
456 metres elevation gain