Day 13 – 05.08.2017 – 510.6km to go

Burgos-Tardajos-Hornillas del Camino

As always on a 1/2 rest day we start with a monster and lazy breakfast. Followed this up with further soaking and pampering of my feet before packing up and leaving the room/checking-out.

Retraced my steps into the city again and followed The Way through and out. Definitely a busier day with a lot more people about. Passing the City Refuge at around 12:10 there was a queue right out of the door some 15 pilgrims long waiting to get in. Looks to be a popular stay for the night.

The walk out of the city is pleasant and well marked with a nice section through a park. Continuing on right through to Tardajos with only the briefest of rests to refill the water container. I'm now certain that the two night break was the best thing possible for my feet as progress is particularly swift today.

Continuing on I barely paused for a moment in Rabe de las Calzadas other than to take some photographs before continuing on.

Here, on this first section to Hornillos del Camino the famous Meseta begins. It was a lovely walk into Hornillos where I checked into the albergue "Meeting Point". A typical Pilgrims' Menue of Melon with ham, gammon with chips, ice cream, bread, wine and water rounded off the day before turning in.

32271 steps
15 miles
175 metres elevation gain