Day 12 – 04.08.2017 – 510.6km to go


Firmly a rest day.

Following a lazy breakfast (yum) I took a trip into the city to visit the cathedral.

It never ceases to amaze me of the opulence of these places and the justification that goes into their building and upkeep. I spent around two hours there and took the audio tour – seems like every bishop created something vast, gaudy ad gilt covered so they could be entombed there. If anything I found the whole experience distasteful.

The experience at the cathedral called for a beer and an hour of people watching whilst reading the final chapter of The Priest.

Back to the hotel to write some stuff up before heading around the corner for dinner and back to bed.

Footnote – Following the evidence of lat nights tea (salad and melon) that I left in the bin this morning, I return to my room to find a Room Service menu prominently displayed by the TV!

10702 steps
5.4 miles
0 metres elevation gain