Day 11 – 03.08.2017 – 537.5km to go

San Juan de Ortega-Agés-Burgos

Not sure how, but I had thought that today was around a 22km or less day not the 26.9km per the guide! I therefore regret the later departure.

Feet were well and truly in agony this morning and progress was initially very slow indeed. Hence it took me ages to get to Agés.

Although only 2.2 miles into the day, I found a suitable bar and set-down for breakfast (coffee, juice and croissant). Still pretty ropey mobile signal but was able to send some texts. Stopped again just outside the village where I had some decent 4G mobile coverage and booked ahead for two nights stay in Burgos – declared tomorrow a day off!

I was then finally on my way properly, on mostly very rough paths, with only the briefest of pauses in Cardenula Riopico to re-fill the water bottle. I did take the recommended alternative route to the south of Burgos airport and along the river so as to avoid the featureless walk through the suburbs. A good portion of the last few miles into the city is on a tarmac path segregated for pedestrians and bikes – it even passes a nice playground and a "beach" onto the river. All too soon I'm into the city and check-in to my hotel that is just under 1 mile to the east of the cathedral.

A loooong soak in the bath and catching up on some reading is filled by a shopping trip for; some food for tonight, insoles for boots, cheap training shoes (my deck shoes are too thin to walk in in the evenings), razors, more compeed and some deodorant. Then back to the hote to feed my feet, feed my face, feed my mind (reading), feed my soul (texts), a phone call to the boys and sleep.

37890 steps
18 miles
193 metres elevation gain