Day 8 – 31.07.2017 – 625.6km to go


Another early start, this time to change my laces in my boots. I also noticed that the surgeons' knot is missing from both boots (prevents me over-tightening my toes whilst strapping in my ankle to keep my heel in place). Could this have been the cause of my blisters and how could it have happened?

A fairly leisurely stroll up-hill (not that I particularly noticed) to Ventosa. Cloudy this morning which was very welcome to be honest. Not much for me to see at Ventosa but did partake in a late breakfast – well I had walked about 4.5miles!

Ventosa, whilst on The Way, is actually a slight diversion off the more direct route. So now back on the main track and back on The Way to Najera. Najera is a lovely largeish town nestled on the river and, had I not a schedule to keep, would have made a good place to stay for the night. As it was…

A steep climb out of the town on a gravel road over the hill to Azofra. More vineyards along the pathway right up to the town. Only one Albergue (municiple) and 2 bars. Checked into the Albergue, did some washing and went for a beer and Pilgrims' Menue at one of the bars.

Back to the Albergue for an early night ready for tomorrow.

34574 steps
16.2 miles
346 metres elevation gain