Day 7 – 30.07.2017 – 638.0km to go


So, the plan was well and truly reassessed last night. V2.0 of the plan is to walk 26km each day but only 6 days a week. Day 7 will either be a full rest day or possibly much reduced days 6 and 7 (depending on where I am at the time, what's next and the availability of suitable accommodation). I shall also try and be on the road by 5 (if not too dark given sunrise is at 06:00 this week) so as to finish before the scorching heat of the afternoon – we'll see!

So, yes, a very lazy morning with an extended breakfast at the hotel – some of everything!. Carefully re-packed the backpack from scratch and checked out at 12:00.

I was mulling over either checking straight into an Albergue in Logrono or walking on to Navarrete. Both options had their merits but decided it would stand me in good stead to knock another 12km off the schedule. I find myself my worst enemy here – should I have not walked on today then tomorrow, when walking this next section, I would be resenting my decision to waste time and stay. This despite the stated 12km being more than I planned for a full rest day!

Like the walk into Logrono, the walk out seems to take forever. However, this is mainly through a country park so not at all unpleasant. There was nothing arduous about this trek other than the hill up to the boundary fence of the motorway – interesting for all of the stuff woven into it by pilgrims. Then it is all downhill pretty much to the outskirts of Navarrete. Why are all these villages and towns located at the top of hills?

I did a quick circuit of the town and settled on the municipal Albergue for the night – can't go wrong at EUR7!

The blisters in themselves seem to have stabilised but are downright painful when walking around in these deck-shoes!

Rested up for a few hours before seeking sustenance in som trash from the local shop before turning in for the night.

19653 steps
9.7 miles
236 metres elevation gain