Day 6 – 29.07.2017 – 667.0km to go

Los Arcos-Torres del Rio-Viana-Logrono

Out the door a little later this morning following a fine breakfast of coffee, bread, jam and juice at the albergue.

A reasonably straightforward treck along a gravel road straight to Sansol. A short stop for more coffee and juice and back on my way. There is really something magical about the pre-sunrise light around these parts. Up the hill to Torres del Rio, the heat soon builds as the sun appears, and the briefest of looks into the church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The path to Viana was tough – really tough – with very stern upward and downward sections. The guidebook warned that this was on a gravelly subsoil but this has been replaced in vast swathes by a patterned concrete path. I find these harder going as I am not the most stabile on my feet and find it very easy to slip. However, soon enough Viana is in sight and a charming place it is too. Tempted to stop but after bumping into some fellow pilgrims last seen in Lorca, and sharing some local cookies, decided to travel onwards to Logrono.

This turned out to be the first major mistake of he trip. A couple of miles out of Viana I stopped to check my feet and observed the horrifying sight of blistered blisters. I aired them for around 1/2 hour and took the decision that tomorrow would be a rest day and booked ahead a hotel for the night – mainly to guarantee a good shower and a very late check-out!!

Back on the rouse an Lagrono is soon in sight but it is around 3 miles further into the city centre. With aching feet, this last section seemed to last an eternity. The hotel was quickly located and I checked in, showered and rested for a few hours before venturing out for dinner. Tapas for me was a non-starter as I was looking for something substantial and couldn't face drinking loads and loads. I found a nice bar with a good menu of the day and enjoyed Balsamic braised leek, Entrecout of beef and Ice cream (with 1/3 bottle of nice Rioja and water).

Back to the hotel for a proper rest, re-assess the plan, read some more of The Priest and lights out.

44399 steps
21.01 miles
468 metres elevation gain