Day 5 – 28.07.2017 – 698.0km to go

Lorca-Estella-Villamayor de Monjardin-Los Arcos

Very early start (for me) out on The Way before 06:30. Only one other set of boots left so I'm pretty much last. Beautiful pre-sunrise walk in the early light and great to see the sun peeking over the hilltops.

I was in the zone and passed Ayegui before realising that I hadn't found somewhere to eat – too late now – but did pause for a glass of red at the Wine Fountain of Bodegas Irache. Filled up my water bottle WITH WATER!! and headed to the top of the hill for some shade and relaxation.

I took lunch at a small bar in Azqueta (Ham salad baguette, coffe and freshly squeezed orange juice – carb/sugar loading) then off up the hill to Villamayor de Monjardin for a wander around and water refil from the village fountain; all in preparation for the final 12km trek into Los Arcos. An absolute joy to find te oasis halfway along so took advantage of a 1 hour rest and a can of coke. When I set off again I felt turbocharged and the final stretch into Los Arcos.

Checked into the Casa Abuela Albergue, had my washing done for me and booked the Pilgrims' Menu of Salad and Lentil Hotpot, followed by Icecreame (with water and Wine!)

A good but very tiring day.

43152 steps
20.4 miles
528 metres elevation gain