Day 4 – 27.07.2017 – 727.4km to go

Zaniquiegui-Puenta la Reina-Lorca

Coffee, croissant and orange juice for breakfast and then heading off on an epic day. This should be the last of the big days for a while so I can linger-longer-later-on. So glad I started fairly early, would have been better pre-sunrise thuough…

So, a tough slog up the hill with a brief pause at the water fountain. Getting to the top though was amazing, with views 360 degrees all around. With what looked like smog hanging over Pamplona, I was glad to have not stayed there last night.

Then it's a full on decent down the other side – oh my poor knees.

Pasing through Uterga, Muruzabal, Eunate to Obanos where I took a quick pit-stop for emergency supplies (sweeties to you) and then into the beautiful town of Puenta la Reina. Here they were preparing for a festival with hundreds of people dressed in white with red bandanas. No time to stop so over the medieval bridge and onwards I went.

As the day progressed, I felt te heat building and so took the pragmatic decision to cut the day short. Following the steepening and seemingly endless ascent into Lorca my body mad may decision for me and so checked into the Albergue de Lorca for a bunk and Pilgrims' Menu (Melon with lamb, Beef with potatoes and Pineapple in orange juice – plus the obligatory water and wine). Great conversations over dinner again with the English, Dutch, German and Brazilian all holding their own – the Germans still can't tell jokes though.

Off to read and failed complete the first sentence before passing out. A tough day for me.

35207 steps
18.6 miles
548 metres elevation gain