Day 3 – 26.07.2017 – 753.7km to go

Larrasoana-Zuriain-Trinidad de Arre-Pamplona-Cizur Menor-Zaiquiegui

Another early start – 7:20 out of the blocks – as no breakfast available at this Alberge. Stopped for Coffee, Orange Juice and Toast at Zuriain before heading off proper.

Some astounding views and atrocious hills followed and the sun was glorious – despite BBC Weather's promos of a cloudy day. Just before dropping into Pamplona I took the opportunity for a rest in the shade at the monasrtry of Trinidad de Arre whilst catching up and replying to text messages. You have no idea what encouragement these are.

The walk in, through and out of Pamplona was uneventful. Probably a good place to re-visit but I didn't feel like playing the tourist today – too hot and sweaty and far too much stuff to think about and process. I had planned to eat at Cizur Menor but found nothing that took my fancy so ploughed on – big mistake.

It is not far from Cizur Menor to Zariquiegui but, after a short downhill section it goes up-up-up-up… really struggled in the heat and lack of shade.

Finally arrived and checked in to the Alberge San Andreas. Acceptable bunk, showered and got some washing done. After a quick snooze (ahem) it was time for dinner (Chicken Soup, Pork Escalop with fries and peppers, Caramel thingie, wine and water (and a beer!)). Then just enough time to read some books and off to bed for an early night.

37862 steps
18.6 miles
508 metres elevation gain