Day 2 – 25.07.2017 – 782.0km to go

Roncevalles-Burgette-Espinal-Viscarret-Lintzoain-Erro Pass-Zubiri-Larrasoana

Another early start to the day with "lights-on" at 06:00 swiftly followed by a noise that I can only assume is the sound of the rapture when it comes!

It took far longer to get up and re-packs than planned and then back to the restaurant for breakfast – Toast, Jam, Juice & Coffee – already laid out at each table ready to sit and chow down… I suspect that this is where the EUR 3.30 folk eat and the 5 EUR diners go to another restaurant.

Following a quick check of the temperature and likely weather coat and backpack were suitably donned and I was off on Day 2.

After a short walk I arrived at Burguete for a swift pitstop of water, water bottle and a cake (some oik kindly relieved me of my empty bottle of water last night). Apparently, Ernest Hemingway is said to have spent time in Burguete. An aborted trip to te ATM here as who'd have thought that the first ATM after the monastery of Roncevalles would run out of cash early morning!

A fairly pleasant cloudy and drizzly morning continued until I stopped for coffee at Viscarret – a hot chocolate into which I poured a shot of coffee mmmmm.

Once passed Erro Pass it is a long downward trek to Zubiri. During the descent the ground got drier – almost dusty dry – marking the change in the weather patterns from the mountains. Thinking that the bank was shut – doh! – I spent 2 hours waiting in order to draw some cash for tonight's stop. It turned out that the bank lobby, where the ATM is located, is open 24hrs!!

Finally on my way again, it was a short journey, part alongside a magnetite plant and quarry, to Larrasoana where I stayed for the night in Alberge San Nicolas. A nice modern Alberge with comfortable beds EUR23 for the night including Pilgrims' meal. There were seven of us for the meal, UK, France, Holland & Germany represented, and was very enjoyable with good banter over the table – BREXIT! 🙂

An early night and the end of Day 2.

37203 steps
19.4 miles
583 metres elevation gain