And I’m off


Bedding washed and changed
Boys dropped to their mum
Last bits packed
Taxi booked

And I'm off

After months of planning and preparation (more planning than preparation) the time has finally come to step-out of te door and begin this epic journey. Interesting for me was the effect dropping the boys of had on me more than beginning the travel. Three very different boys reacted in three totally different ways. Chose to busy myself as I processed my feelings.

After an uneventful taxi ride the train journey was a welcome time to begin reading the first chapter of the first book we are reading together – Sons of Encouragement by Francine Rivers. The book is fictional dramatisation of five biblical men of faith, the first being Moses' brother Aaron. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Made it to the airport with check-in and security super quick thanks to the PLUS upgrades. Feeling a bit like the condemned man having this last meal though – mac&cheese with brisket and a Sam Adams – somewhat stuffed.

Flight went well, if uneventful, and baggage arrived on time and in one piece. Phew. Took the bus from the airport to Bayonne (EUR1!) and checked into the hotel at 22:00hrs before taking a swift walk around the town.

Time to get some sleep.

10291 Steps
5.2 Miles